International as well as Local Awards, Grants, and Programs



Prizes and Awards --

Each year Sigma Xi awards the William Procter Prize to a scientist who has made an outstanding contribution to scientific research and has demonstrated the ability to communicate this research to scientists in other disciplines. Recent recipients include Michael DeBakey, Jane Goodall, Walter H. Stockmayer, Leon Lederman, Robert D. Ballard, and Janet Rowley. The John P. McGovern Science and Society Award is presented annually by Sigma Xi to a researcher who has made an outstanding contribution in science and technology. Sigma Xi chapters, such as SIUC, also sponsor awards.

Grants-in-Aid of Research --

The Society's Grants-in-Aid of Research Program provides grant support for young investigators who are working toward undergraduate or advanced degrees. Since 1922, Sigma Xi has awarded more than 25,000 grants for research to encourage scientists in the early stages of their careers.

Congratulations to the SIU students who have received this very competitive award:

  Daniel Vaughn

  Luke Wiley (mentor: Laura Murphy) 2005

  Kristin Bell (mentor: Lisabeth DiLalla) 2007

  Sarah Alsup (mentors: Stephen Ebbs and Loretta Battaglia) 2007

  Austen Barnett (mentor: Richard Thomas) 2010

  Erfan Eilati(mentor: Buck Hales) 2013

  Katherine South (mentor: Prudence Ricea) 2013

  Yuki Tanaka (mentor: Charles Hofling) 2013

Jason Henry (mentor: Karen Renzaglia) 2016

Colin P. Jackson (mentor: Ulrich Reichard) 2016

Emi Hayashi Park (mentor: Greg Rose) 2016

Andrew Rubio

Aidan Smith

Jennica Young 2017

Melissa Litschi 2017

Anastasia Kyrmanido 2017

Dakota Lindsey 2017

Distinguished Lectureships Program --

Each year Sigma Xi coordinates lectures by 25-35 leading scientists who travel to campuses throughout North America. Lecture topics range from subjects of interest to the general public to specialized subjects aimed at scientists in a single discipline.

Forum --

In conjunction with most annual meetings of the Society, Sigma Xi sponsors a forum on topics of critical importance to science and society. Recent topics have included federal funding for research; undergraduate education in science, mathematics, and engineering; global change and human development; and ethics and values in research.

Science, Math, and Engineering Education --

The Committee on Programs provides chapters with grants to support science education. Each year the committee helps chapters recognize the achievements of more than 100 science and mathematics teachers in secondary schools.

Other Programs --

For a complete overview of Sigma Xi programs link here.


Congratulations to students who have received awards at the National Sigma Xi Student Research Showcases! SIU students who have received these awards include:

1. Undergraduate Jennifer Marcus, who placed Third in 2002 in the category of Behavioral Sciences.

2. Undergraduate Lacey Gibson, who placed Second in 2014 in the category of Physiology and Immunology. Her poster was entitled "Cancer and Diabetes: Metformin's Metabolic Effects." See it at

3. Graduate student Ryan Holden, Graduate Division Winner in 2016 in the category of Behavioral Sciences.


Public Lecture Program --

Each year, the SIUC Sigma Xi Chapter sponsors several public lectures on campus. These lectures cover a wide range of science and technology and are given by scientists and engineers of national and international standing.

Poster Conference --

To help the campus community understand and appreciate the type of research conducted by SIUC faculty and students, the Sigma Xi Chapter co-sponsors with other honor societies a one-day poster conference. Participants are encouraged to present poster papers previously presented at national and international professional meetings, thus sharing that research information locally. The conference is held in conjunction with the Illinois Junior Science and Humanities Symposium; therefore, those students in secondary education programs throughout the State also learn and benefit from the research presentations. This annual activity held in the SIUC Student Center was subsequently joined by other campus groups, and the overall event has come to be known as the SIUC Annual Research Day, which celebrates the research of staff and students. Poster awards are listed below. Abstracts of all posters can be seen here by clicking on the poster session year: 2016; 2014; 2013; 2012.

Local Awards 2016--


Kaplan Award winner Dr. Buck Hales, Physiology

2016PadgettConstance 2016PadgettLopez

Padgett Award winners Jordan Constance (left), Psychology, and Renee Lopez (right), Plant Biology



Science/Matt Teacher Award winner Mr. Andrew Morgan, Waterloo High School



New member initiation


An important part of the program to stimulate research activities on the Carbondale campus has been the Leo Kaplan Memorial Lecture named in honor of the late Professor Leo Kaplan who was president of the Sigma Xi Club at the time of his death. Each year since the institution in 1962, a member of the SIUC faculty has been honored with the Kaplan Research Award and invited by Sigma Xi to give this lecture in recognition of that individual's achievement in research. Kaplan Memorial Lectures have been given by:

2017 -- Karen Renzaglia, Plant Biology

2016 -- Dale Buck Hales, Physiology

2015 -- Boyd Goodson, Chemistry

2014 -- Salah Mohammed, Mathematics

2013 -- Susan Ford, Anthropology 

2012 -- Laurie Achenbach, Microbiology 

2011 -- Andrew Hofling, Anthropology

2010 -- David Gilbert, Psychology

2009 -- Nicholas Pinter, Geology

2008 -- David Gibson, Plant Biology

2007 -- Christopher Lant, Geography

2006 -- Don S. Rice, Anthropology

2005 -- Donald Caspary, Pharmacology

2004 -- Barbara Crandall-Stotler, Plant Biology

2003 -- Robert A. Jensen, Psychology

2002 -- Izumi Shimada, Anthropology

2001 -- Shing-Chung Yen, Materials Technology Center

2000 -- William G. Dyer, Zoology

1999 -- Prudence M. Rice, Anthropology

1998 -- Rasit Koc, Mechanical Engineering

1997 -- Lee C. Drickamer, Zoology

1996 -- Donald M. Miller, Physiology

1995 -- Christopher C. Kohler, Cooperative Fisheries

1994 -- Michael T. Madigan, Microbiology

1993 -- Margaret E. Winters, Linguistics

1992 -- Gerard V. Smith, Chemistry & Biochemistry

1991 -- Andrzej Bartke, Physiology

1990 -- Brooks M. Burr, Zoology

1989 -- Steve Scheiner, Chemistry & Biochemistry

1988 -- Lawrence C. Matten, Plant Biology

1987 -- Dennis L. & Victoria J. Molfese, Psychology

1986 -- John H. Yopp, Plant Biology

1985 -- Dale F. Ritter, Geology

1984 -- William Clark Ashby, Plant Biology

1983 -- Paul A. Hargrave, Chemistry & Biochemistry

1982 -- George J. Gumerman, Anthropology

1981 -- Robert H. Mohlenbrock, Plant Biology

1980 -- Ronald A. Brandon, Zoology

1979 -- Richard T. Arnold, Chemistry & Biochemistry

1978 -- James N. BeMiller, Chemistry & Biochemistry

1977 -- William M. Lewis, Cooperative Fisheries

1976 -- Richard E. Blackwelder, Zoology

1975 -- Lauwerens Kuipers, Mathematics

1974 -- Willard D. Klimstra, Cooperative Wildlife

1973 -- Walter W. Taylor, Anthropology

1972 -- Conrad C. Hinckley, Chemistry & Biochemistry

1971 -- Alfred Lit, Psychology

1970 -- Ernest Shult, Mathematics

1969 -- Harvey I. Fisher, Zoology

1968 -- Phillip J. C. Dark, Anthropology

1967 -- Carl C. Lindegren, Microbiology

1966 -- Jose L. Amoros, School of Technology

1965 -- Carroll L. Riley, Anthropology

1964 -- Ronald I. Beazley, Geography

1963 -- David Ehrenfreund, Psychology

1962 -- Maurice Ogur, Microbiology

To encourage quality research by students, Dr. Rose Padgett established the Rose and Essie Padgett Scholarship to recognize highly-qualified student members of Sigma Xi. Students receiving the scholarship for the academic year shown have been:

o    2012 -- Austen Barnett, Zoology, and Jaimi Mathias, Psychology

o    2011 -- Juan Benevides, Plant Biology, and Brendan Lutz, Geology

o    2010 -- Sarah Long, Psychology

o    2009 -- Sara Biebl, Psychology, and Ganga Fernando, Chemistry

o    2008 -- Kristin Bell, Psychology

o    2007 -- Luke Wiley, Physiology

o    2006 -- Paula Y. Mullineaux, Psychology

o    2005 -- Jason J. González, Anthropology

o    2003 -- Phillip Wanyerka, Anthropology

o    2002 -- Mutki S. Rao, Chemistry and Biochemistry

o    2001 -- Jon B. Hageman, Anthropology

o    2000 -- Lorrie N. Gehlbach, Psychology

o    1998 -- William J. Poly, Zoology

o    1997 -- Timothy W. Pugh, Anthropology

o    1996 -- Scott B. Franklin, Plant Biology

o    1995 -- Lesa C. Davis, Anthropology

o    1994 -- Stephan L. Morton, Plant Biology

o    1993 -- David T. Corey, Zoology

o    1992 -- Joseph A. Devera, Geology

o    1991 -- Linda C. Holcomb, Psychology

o    1990 -- Brian & Ellen Cypher, Zoology (B) & Plant Biology (E)

o    1989 -- John L. Carr, Zoology

o    1988 -- Daniel Ostgard, Molecular Science

o    1987 -- Michael Woods, Plant Biology

The SIUC Chapter of Sigma Xi presents the Outstanding Science and Math Teacher Award to honor a regional science teacher for meritorious work with students in basic and applied science. Individuals receiving such recognition in recent years have been:

ˇ         2012 -- Laurie Wangen Geiger, Carbondale New School

ˇ         2011 -- Gary Rodvelt, Carbondale Community High School

ˇ         2010 -- Brian Murley, Giant CitySchool

ˇ         2009 -- Sally O'Leary, Murphysboro High School

ˇ         2007 -- Helen Bottje, Carbondale Community High School

ˇ         2006 -- Michael Dollins, Carbondale Community High School

ˇ         2004 -- Lori C. Reed, Murphysboro High School

ˇ         2002 -- Judith A. Martinko, Carbondale Community High School

ˇ         2001 -- Christopher Midden, Unity Point School

ˇ         2000 -- Donald R. Bless, Jr., Cobden Jr./Sr. High School & Logan College

ˇ         1999 -- Ron Nagrodski, Johnson City High School

ˇ         1998 -- Joann Bleyer, St. Andrews Middle School

ˇ         1997 -- Deborah Clark, Benton Middle School

·         1996 -- Wesley Heyduck, Fairfield Community High School

ˇ         1995 -- Michael Blair, Unity Point School.

ˇ         1994 -- Patricia Cross, McLeansboro

ˇ         1993 -- Suzanne Asaturian, Carbondale


The Sigma Xi Outstanding Mentor Award was begun in 2006 to encourage SIUC faculty to engage undergraduate students in quality research as well as the public presentation of their findings. The SIUC Chapter of Sigma Xi has honored the following research mentors:


Since 1992, the SIUC Chapter of Sigma Xi has sponsored an annual Sigma Xi Poster Conference to publicly display formal posters that summarize individual research projects of SIUC staff and students. In 2004, the Sigma Xi Chapter began to present awards to the best student presentations in the annual Sigma Xi Poster Conference. The individuals receiving such recognition have been:


2018 --

Best Graduate Student Poster -- Jennica Young

Best Undergraduate Poster -- Shay Wood (co-authors: M. Jamnik, L. DiLalla)

2017 --

Best Graduate Student Poster -- Nick Flowers (mentor: K. Renzaglia)

Best Undergraduate Posters -- Kristina Jordan (mentors: N. Garwood, K. Neubig Neubig), and Austin Weigle (mentor: M. Geisler)

2016 --

Best Graduate Student Poster -- Elliott Zieman (co-investigators A. Jimenez and C. Nielsen)

Best Undergraduate Posters -- Caily Vandermark (co-investigators A. Jimenez and C. Nielsen), and Kristina Jordan (co-investigators K. Neubig and N. Garwood)

2014 --

Best Graduate Student Posters -- Alessandra Araujo, and Lauren Schwartz

Best Undergraduate Poster -- Bria Ozment

2013 --

Best Graduate Student Poster -- Carlin Fenn (co-investigator B. Small)

Best Undergraduate Poster -- Lacey Gibson (co-investigator B. Hales)

2012 --

Best Graduate Student Poster -- Daniel Kanak (co-investigator G. Rose)

Best Undergraduate Poster -- David Foutch (co-investigator M. Geisler)

2011 --

Best Graduate Student Poster -- Jaimi L. Mathias (co-investigator L. DiLalla)

2010 --

Best Graduate Student Poster -- Sara W. Biebl (co-investigator L. DiLalla)

Best Undergraduate Poster -- B. Aneesa Lehman (co-investigator E. Ferre)

2009 --

Best Graduate Student Poster -- Sara Wonderlich and Kristin Bell (Psychology) (co-investigator L. DiLalla)

2008 --

 Best Graduate Student Posters -- (1) Sara Wonderlich (Psychology)   (co-investigator L. DiLalla)
    (2) Andrea Goffus (Psychology)   (co-investigator M. Hoane)

 Best Undergraduate Poster -- John Boyd (Geology)   (co-investigators K.J. Michelsen and E. Ferre)

2007 --

 Best Graduate Student Poster -- Kristin Bell (Psychology)   (co-investigators S. Wonderlich, S. Silger, and L. DiLalla)

 Best Undergraduate Posters -- (1) Katie Butera (Psychology)   (co-investigators A. Phillips, K. Elam, and L. DiLalla)
    (2) J. Batir (Biology)   (co-investigators A. Shaw, M. McIndoo, D. Ravat, P. Milligan, T.G. Hildenband, R. Kucks, P. Hill, and S.

2006 --

 Best Overall Poster -- Ganga Fernando (Chemistry)   (co-investigators L. G. van Waasbergen, R. B. Timmons, and G. R. Kinsel)

 Best Graduate Student Poster -- Jennifer Herington (Physiology)   (co-investigator B. Bany)

 Best Undergraduate Poster -- Elizabeth Tolar (Psychology)   (co-investigators P. Mullineaux and L. DiLalla)

2005 --

 Best Overall Poster -- Mandy L. King (Physiology)   (co-investigators C. Krantz, S. Adler, and L. Murphy)

 Best Graduate Student Posters -- (1) Jennifer Herington (Physiology)   (co-investigator B. Bany)
    (2) Luke A. Wiley (Physiology)   (co-investigators G. Rupp and J. Steinle)

2004 --

 Best Overall Poster -- Paula Mullineaux (Psychology)   (co-investigator L. DiLalla)

 Best Graduate Student Poster -- Rebecca Corbit (Physiology)   (co-investigators S. and L. Murphy)

 Best Undergraduate Posters -- (1) Dylan Kosma (Plant Biology)   (co-investigator B. Crandall-Stotler)
    (2) Maja Wright-Philips (Psychology)   (co-investigators C. Shelton, P. Mullineaux, and L. DiLalla)


National Sigma Xi now has an online poster conference. Lacey Gibson placed third in the Undergraduate Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physiology & Immunology Division in the 2013 Sigma Xi Student Research Showcase.  


Sigma Xi presents awards to an outstanding Science Fair project at Regionals:

2010: in Life Sciences, to Adam Barron from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School!

2018: in Life Sciences, to Meagan Douthett from Unity Point in Carbondale, and in Physical Sciences, to Adelaide Garvey, also from Unity Point!




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